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Improve your CX and EX through AI-enabled chatbot

Streamline Support |Boost Customer Engagement | Drive Conversational Commerce | Optimize Workflow

Next-gen Customer Experience Automation


Connect with customers 24*7 with Chatbot


Interact to customers in 100+ languages across Platforms


Pass to live agents for resolving complex Queries

AI Enabled

Human-like interactions with Emotional Intelligence

Use cases of WhatsApp Chatbot

Chat bots are new way to engage with Audience and drive conversation with WhatsApp

Experience with AI Enabled Chatbot
Book Appointment
Gather Feedbacks
Send OTP
Accept Payment

Enhance Interactive Responses by Using NLP

Combine the power of human intelligence and AI with NLP

AI enabled Intelligent system learns from all ‘human-customer’ conversations to simulate the perfect ‘human’ response to any future query from a customer. It’s deep learning to create the perfect ‘Human + AI’ platform.

Truly “Human” Response with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Conversational AI is capable of using natural-language understanding (NLU), NLP, and ML to understand the tone and mood of the customer and work as Contextual Bots to provide Interactive Responses which are appreciated by the customer.

Yellow Messenger’s NLP Engine learns from very few utterances and has the best efficiency rate in the market.

Humanize the Experience

Truly empathize with your customers using our industry-leading sentiment recognition and analysis. Go the extra mile to create contextual and sentiment-apt responses in real-time.

Understand your customers no matter what language they speak, with or without local colloquialism – even when they misspell their words. Keep your ears open at all times, to the voice of the customer.

The system understands all vocal queries, irrespective of dialects, with perfectly aligned interactive voice responses (IVR). Just power your IVR with our NLP to churn-out positive experiences – Now!

Expand your Customer reach on different platforms

100+ plug and play integrations

Not just another chatbot, Dynamic AI Agents automate every interaction with your customers and employees to deliver actionable outcomes at lower cost

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